Project: Maintenance Dredging at Seneca Lake Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Dresden, NY

Owner: US Navy, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Dresden, NY

Completed: April 2006

Description: Dredged main dock area to enable barges to enter out to 40' from bulkhead. Dredge material was placed on shore and
dewatered and trucked to local landfill for disposal. Longreach excavator was used for the dredging operation and standard tandem dump
trucks was used for the disposal. Excess water was pumped out from low point of dewatering area and disposed of water treatment plant.

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Setting up dewatering area
Placing dredged material into dewatering area
Loading trucks with dredged material for disposal at landfill
Dredging out to 40' from main dock area
Pumping water out of dewatering area for disposal
Turbidity curtain in place to separate dredge area from lake