Emergency Dredging - NYS

Emergency Dredging of Erie Canal, Utica, NY

Owner: NYS Thruway Authority

Completed: December 2004

Description: Dredged approx. 150,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Erie Canal. 4.2 miles were dredged through the downtown area
of Utica, NY. Project depth was 13' for commercial and recreational boat traffic. Areas were very shallow causing grounding
of certain vessels. Two dredging units were used. One was a Hitachi EX750 excavator and the other was a Liebherr 825
crane with clamshell. Material was tugged in hoppers to upland disposal site (UDS) and off - loaded by two additional cranes with clamshell

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Site foreman and inspector
view operation
Project coordinators
setting up site
Preparing UDS - building berms
UDS - 18 acres filled with silt Typical dredging operation Typical dredging operation